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OPStructure provides Security Services for highly discerning clients and companies. We compliment your existing security resources and customize our services to address your gaps and unique needs. Close Protection, secure travel, special events, retreats, and security team design to ensure the highest caliber service.

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Executive Protection

Florida-based, international protection services, trip planning, driving and emergency medical. Long-term security program support, vacations, safaris, and corporate travel.

Executive Protection

Workplace Security Solutions

Elevate your workplace security with OPStructure. In an environment where workplace violence and hostile terminations present constant threats, our tailored security solutions offer preemptive protection against unauthorized entry, violence, and conflicts during sensitive terminations. Backed by expert risk assessment and rapid emergency response, OPStructure ensures swift resolution and peace of mind for your business. With customized security measures to fit any industry or budget, trust OPStructure to safeguard your workplace and employees, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. Reach out today to learn more about how OPStructure can provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs


Security Team Structuring & Management

OPStructure will utilized industry leading knowledge to design a comprehensive security solution tailored to your client or company. OPStrucuture provides training to Protection professionals specific to supporting high-net worth individuals and organizations, detailed customer service from a protection perspective, and will ensure your team functions at the highest levels of professionalism and service.

Team Structuring

Special Events

Let our security team help yours. We provide highly customized event planning services for professional sporting, corporate events and other high profile venues. We partner with event planning teams to ensure your security needs are met at a caliber that meets and exceeds your client's expectations.

Special Events

Corporate Support

From planning and supporting corporate travel and retreats, to exploring new locations with your c-suite or board, let OPStructure tailor a customized support plan to augment your current corporate security resources.

Corporate Support

Secure Travel Planning/Support

Whether you are planning an African Safari, a business trip to Europe, or a large-scale domestic or international event, OPStructure has the expertise and experience to support your security & medical needs.

Travel Support

Strategic, Efficient, Seamless

Let OPStructure fill your security needs. Strategic recruiting and candidate vetting to ensure your team meets your client's expectations.


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