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Let OPStructure support your clients' security needs. Close protection services for highly discerning clients and corporations.

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Secure Drivers

Our highly trained drivers ensure that your riskiest activity (driving) is seamless and safe. From the logistics of planning your commute or travel, to the flawless execution of delivering you safely to your destination, OPStructure operators will ensure your drive is one less thing you need to worry about.

Experienced Operators

We only hire highly trained and vetted, elite protection professionals. Our operators are former law enforcement, military and exceptional security industry veterans, many with EMT &/or paramedic training.

Customer Service

Our protection support is built around a VIP customer-service model. Our clients are high-net worth individuals, families and corporations who expect the best. Our teams and operators fit into your world, tailored to support your unique needs. Your life should be easier because we are around.

Executive Protection Services

Based in Florida, we offer statewide Protective Services. Our clients range from  Palm Beach and Miami, to Orlando, Naples and Tampa areas. Whether you are visiting Art Basil in South Beach, or the theme parks in Orlando, we have you covered in the sunshine state. Beyond Florida, we provide domestic coverage in all 50 States. We work with you to create a customized security and protection structure that clearly addresses your  needs while accessing the top talent in the industry.

  • Domestic and International Close Protection Support
  • Spanish, Portuguese, and English Speaking Agents
  • Extensive experience with African Safaris and Private Touring security & logistics
  • Top-tier secure driving support
  • Medically-trained agents and Paramedics available
  • Supporting individuals, families and corporations

One size does NOT fit all. We work with you to develop your own unique security profile, and then create a security structure that addresses your needs, and the needs of your family or corporation.

Every company, every individual is different, and their security details should reflect this. We know how to customize our best practice models to fit your culture

We help you build your budget, and create the most effective team possible within your established bounds.

Executive Protection Services


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