The Global Ops Podcast: Kenya with Nick Bay

The Global Ops Podcast: Kenya with Nick Bay

When you are talking about visiting Africa, Kenya is most certainly top of mind. While this gorgeous nation makes headlines for both the right and wrong reasons, there's no doubt it is on many people's bucket list to visit. In this Global Ops Podcast, we cover why Kenya is still one of the best and most popular travel locations in Africa.


Kenya travel is not to be taken lightly and requires some planning & homework as it is indeed a hotbed for terrorism and crime. However, Kenya remains one of the main hubs in Africa, & knowing how to navigate it is a must. Listen and learn how high-net worth clients utilize professional services to navigate Kenya safely, by utilizing Nairobi and Mombasa as hubs to the surrounding areas and parks like Maasai Mara Reserve, known for the great wildebeest migrations and the Amboseli National Park. My guest Nick Bay & I talk about how to mitigate risk, & experience all the attractions of Kenya and the surrounding areas of Tanzania and Mt Kilimanjaro. Whether you are interested in beautiful white beaches, sprawling markets, or relaxation in a safari camp listen in to learn more! #kenyatravel #executiveprotection #securetravel #nairobi #Maasaimara #kenya


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