Global Ops Podcast Launching Now!

Global Ops Podcast Launching Now!

kenya podcasat Nov 05, 2018

The time has come! The Global OPS Podcast is now up and running! As close protection and executive protection operators, we as a community travel and navigate the globe on a continual basis. For many of us we’ve hit almost every continent multiple times, while supporting our high-profile, high-net worth or corporate clients. The Global OPS Podcast highlights experienced Protection Operators out there doing the work, where ‘the rubber meets the road’. If you are a new or seasoned operator, or a client wanting a new perspective on a global location that your team is gearing up to visit, then you will want to listen. Weekly guests consist of former government, special operations professionals, and local, in-country close protection operators. Join Steve Albritton and his guests as they discuss security and travel support issues pertaining to different global locations each week. We have a lot of great guests and locations in the queue, and will be releasing more episodes in the months to come. Listen in for your location of choice, and let me know where you'd like to see us visit next!


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