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The Money and Executive Protection

The world revolves around money. No doubt. It's logical then to assume that managing money is a critical skill. One that can make or break any career.

And yet, basic money management is a glaring gap in the skill-sets of most EP operators and managers. Whether we are talking about the decision-making around daily expenditures, the tracking and reporting of receipts, or the higher level program budgeting, the need for good judgement and practice around money is critical.

For better or worse, it is a basic assumption that an EP operator understands money. When you are hired for a job, you may have an orientation to your company's culture and policies where you'll likely receive a pdf copy of the 10 page expense SOP's that govern the 'do's and don'ts, which you will sign your acknowledgement of and never look at again.  Beyond that (unless you've been blessed w/ a thoughtful manager or leader), you likely won't hear a whole lot of in terms of guidance about your reporting and...

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