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Secure Travel - It's all about options

For many of us in the Corporate world, travel is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. In the security world, particularly in Executive/Close Protection, the ability to safely and smoothly navigate locations both exotic and domestic is a baseline expectation.

However, even the most seasoned world traveler can tell you horror stories of what can and sometimes does go wrong when you are traveling for work or for play. Some of my most valuable lessons in preparation and planning have come to me, not through my security, law enforcement or military training, but rather through the real-world situations I’ve found myself in as I’ve traveled the globe in support of my clients. You can’t replace local knowledge, and you certainly can’t buy experience!

That being said, as I’ve consulted with business looking to expand their footprint into new countries, individuals planning trips either for work-related events, or even for their own families, there remains a...

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Coming Soon: Global Ops Podcast

Getting ready to launch the Global Ops Podcast here in just a few weeks! This has been a long-time in the works, and I'm excited to share some really cool content and guests that I think you all will really enjoy.

Whether you travel the world for business, for fun or in support of clients in a protection capacity, this podcast will have something for you! The Global Ops Podcast will feature experts from around the world teaching the rest of us about the ins and outs of traveling in specific locations both far and near.

For those in EP/Close Protection, you know that supporting your clients across the globe requires a ton of planning, logistics and attention to detail. 

Enter the Global Ops Podcast.  Learn what to think about when planning a trip, what to avoid, location and country-specific insights that can make or break a protection detail.

This is going to be fun and informative, and if you have some locations in mind that you'd like to see us feature, please message...

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