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Global Ops Podcast: Cuba with Jose Calero

What do Baseball, Rum, and the Buena Vista Social Club have in common?  Apart from being among many of our favorite hobbies and past times, they are all an integral part of the fascinating fabric of Cuba.  For our inaugural episode of The Global Ops Podcast, we chose to focus on one of our lesser-known and understood neighbors, but one that offers incredible culture, tastes and experiences; Cuba. From a Protection Practitioner’s perspective, Cuba has some interesting nuances and possible challenges that you MUST know before going. Whether you are traveling yourself, or you are supporting a client or event in this often-misunderstood country, my guest Jose’ Calero and I have got you covered.

Jose’ is an experienced Executive Protection professional,  born in Cuba, and immigrated to the States at age 10. He’s had the chance to return numerous times on Protection Details and has a wealth of experience and local knowledge about all the ‘to...

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