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Global OPS Podcast: Peru with Ricardo Cruz

What country has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the top 2 grandest rivers, dense jungles and a long beautiful coastline to boot? That would be Peru!

With the capital city of Lima and 18 million people, join experienced executive protection operators Ricardo Cruz and host Steve Albritton as they discuss security and traveling to Peru.  This includes their personal stories and security advice for both business and personal travelers.

Executive Protection and security personnel have a unique perspective when supporting clients all over the world.   Their perspective and tactics are not just for the wealthy and high-profile people.  To the contrary, every traveler can utilize this information to ensure a safe and successful trip, no matter who you are.   

This podcast discusses specific information about Peru and the surrounding areas and highlights the main key points when planning a visit. 

We can’t cover all of our support tactics, but...

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