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The Global Ops Podcast: Venice with Dave Atkinson

As we close out the final hours of 2018, I thought it'd be fun to end the year featuring a really incredible city, one that inspires celebration and one-of-a kind adventure. In the latest episode of The Global Ops Podcast, we head to the canals and festivals of Venice, Italy. My guest in this episode is not just an expert on secure travel to locations like Venice, but he’s a good friend who’s supported me on trips around the world. Dave Atkinson is an experienced Close Protection contractor whose law enforcement and counter-terrorism background (Special Branch) gives him a unique perspective into the world of protecting high net worth and high-profile individuals and companies. Dave and I have worked together/supporting clients on trips ranging from Wimbledon and numerous Olympics, as well as many film festivals in Venice and Cannes. Lots of stories to tell!


Venice is an amazing city, and in this podcast Dave and I share stories and insights that will help any...

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